Property guru Phil Spencer, one half of ‘Kirsty and Phil’ from TV’s Location Location Location has claimed that December is the best month for house hunting, contrary to popular belief.

Phil claims that December allows house hunters to spot the sort of shite neighbourhoods they should avoid, as chavs announce their presence by draping their homes in tacky Christmas lights.

The property market famously slows down towards Christmas and doesn’t pick up again until new year, with people reluctant to have the stress of moving over the already stressful Christmas period.


However, Phil Spencer believes December is the ideal time to conduct viewings.

Phil advises:

If you see a house plastered in tacky lights, give it a swerve. Avoid it, and the houses up to three doors either side.

Phil claims it’s not just about the lights at Christmas.

Anyone covering their house in that much tat would most likely be a nuisance neighbour, with loud music, all-night parties and the overriding smell of weed.

What do house hunters around Ellesmere Port and Chester think of Phil’s claims? Are their tacky houses in your neighbourhood? Is your house one of them? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. My street won a competition and’s confirmed the best in the Port, since we’re all miserable bastards pit against lights and other tat! Got a trophy to prove it!

  2. Gave a street the swerve just last week! It was full of them.. Flashing lights, lots of different coloured lights.. Thanks to you I knew what to do!

  3. No Phil Spencer l do not agree, my house and garden DO have Xmas lights and decorations in the garden, l am a hard worker, do not smoke or drink, do not have loud parties, how dare you condem all for the sake of a few


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