18-year-old Mark Jacobs, from Little Sutton, has discovered this morning that Christmas is really shit when you’re an adult.

Mark turned 18 in October and, despite this, was really looking forward to Christmas this year as he has done every year of his life. However, this Christmas has proven a real disappointment now that he is an adult.

Rather than receive the usual interesting presents from parents and relatives, this year Mark received clothes, sensible gifts and comments from relatives that he is now ‘too old for presents’.


Mark told the Bugle:

It’s shit. Last year I got a football, three Xbox games and a radio-controlled helicopter. This year I received some socks, pants, a sweater and a donation made in my name to a tribe in Ethiopia. I’m livid.

Mark’s most disappointing ‘gift’ this year came from his gran. Usually Mark receives money, or shop vouchers, as his gran never knows what to buy for him. Now that he is 18 his gran told his parents he is too old for gifts, so she didn’t get him anything.

Meanwhile his little brother, who is 16, received a laser-tag gun set as a gift from his gran.

I can’t believe it. All those years I wasted putting in the groundwork with her, carrying her shopping, digging her garden. It’s all gone to shit. She’s dead to me now.

What presents did the Bugle’s readers receive this year? Are you as disappointed as Mark?


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