An ELLESMERE PORT woman has discovered the opening time of a local shop she wanted to visit without asking on Facebook.

The woman, 32-year-old Lisa from Little Sutton, usually asks Facebook for everything and was about to ask local group Pride in the Port what time Asda opens.

However, she thought she’d try this new website ‘The Google’ she’d hears her friend Linda talk about. According to Linda, ‘The Google’ has the answer to practically everything. Lisa tried ‘The Google’ and asked what time Asda opens in Ellesmere Port. Incredibly, it knew the answer.


Lisa wasn’t expecting to get an answer to anything outside of Facebook, and was pleasantly surprised to find other websites knew stuff too.

Lisa commented to the Bugle:

I didn’t know other websites existed. It was a bit weird at first, typing something into the Google. But it worked.

When asked if she would be using ‘The Google’ again, Lisa wasn’t quite so sure.

I don’t know. It may have known the opening time for Asda, but does it know if anyone does tip runs? I very much doubt it.

What about our readers? Have you used ‘The Google’ to find out anything, or do you only trust advice you receive on Facebook?


  1. We have taken a poll and the results are now in. The poll asked the question you posed at the end; “Have you used ‘The Google’ to find out anything, or do you only trust advice you receive on Facebook?”, and the results were surprising.
    The poll was handled by asking one-hundred different people to give an answer, and the results were tallied by grouping together their results into summarised answers:
    -“Are ye having a laugh? Facebook’s like the world web. Learnt it in school. No spiders, but they call it a web. Weird right?”: 9
    -“I think I’ve heard of that. Was it the sight I used to find Facebook on my computer? Yeah, I got rid of that. It wasn’t any good.”: 18
    -“If you mean the Facebook search, yes. But why are you calling it ‘The Google’?”: 3
    -“…”: 8
    -“Dw i ddim yn deall.”: 2
    -“A what? What’s a ‘The Google’?”: 35
    -“You call that advice?”: 2
    -“I thought that was a brand of glasses?”: 16
    -“I don’t have a phone.”: -1
    -“Why would I do that when I can find it on foot? Kids these days..”: 7

  2. I am speechless.
    Not only is it fake news, but it is also insulting. It downright ignores the culture of the town which relies heavily on Facebook; skipping over it and treating it like a joke. This is sickening.

  3. I’ve known you for a while.
    But I didn’t think it’d come to this.
    How dare you?
    How dare you insult my pride?
    Facebook is what keeps the wheel turning. It always is and always will be. Got it? Get with the times.


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