The UK’s pensioners have announced that your lunch hour in work is, in fact, the optimum time for them to make a trip to the Post Office.

Betty Thorpe, from Sutton Way in Ellesmere Port, has today announced that the hours of 12-2pm are the ideal time for pensioners to visit the Post Office. Speaking on behalf of the British Aged Group Society, or BAGS, Betty confirmed what many had long suspected.

She commented how, despite having all day – every day – to collect their pension, buy some stamps or just have a natter, it’s the lunch time that proves the most inconvenient for others.


Speaking to the Bugle earlier today, Betty said:

I’ve got 12 grandchildren you know?

She eventually came onto the point of the story, and added:

We like to wait around until lunch time and then, when we see some people in suits headed for the Post Office, we pounce.

James Merrick, a solicitor in Ellesmere Port, has often noted how the Post Office is always full of pensioners during his lunch hour.

Why don’t they go earlier, or later? Why wait until it’s at its busiest? It drives me bloody mad!

Betty added how, quite often, she visits the Post Office when she doesn’t actually want anything. It’s just to get in the way of others.

Betty confirmed that it’s not just her, and it’s not just Ellesmere Port. She was speaking on behalf of all pensioners nation-wide who have agreed between them on a number of different matters. Other things pensioners agree upon include driving 15mph, having chats in shop doorways and waiting until they get to the till in shops before looking for their purse.


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