A new law will come into effect next year that will see middle-lane hoggers put on a register.

The law, which passed with a Commons majority of 125 votes, will see middle-lane hoggers punished for their inconsiderate actions.

While the police and highways agencies have always clamped down hard on drivers who speed, or are drunk behind the wheel of a car, very little is ever done about drivers who hog the middle lane. Some drivers even believe driving in the middle lane is acceptable. This is largely due to the way our driving tests are performed in the UK, with learner drivers being unable to drive on motorways until they take and pass a test. Once they have passed, they can drive on motorways with no previous experience.


Drivers who hog the middle lane are said to cause incidents of road rage, unnecessary congestion and contribute to accidents – something which is an almost daily occurrence on the M56 near Chester and Ellesmere Port.

It is hoped that this new register for drivers who hog the middle lane will reduce these incidents, and ultimately cut them out altogether.

While being added to the new register will not add points to their licence, or apply fines to them, it will affect them in other ways. According to our source in London, being added to the register will make car insurance renewals more expensive, it will affect your credit rating and it will prohibit you from jobs where driving is a requirement, such as taxi driving.

It understood the system for adding drivers to the register will be automated and will use existing motorway cameras, so drivers who hog the middle lane could find themselves added to the register without any warning or means for appeal.

What do readers of the Bugle think about the register? Are you happy to see it introduced? Are you worried you may be added to the register yourself?

Let us know in the comments below.


  1. how are they going to decide what is hogging, how long in time or how far in distance would be classed as hogging, what if you are in middle lane overtaking a long queue of traffic (which can happen), would that be classed as hogging as you are still in the middle lane or do we have to go into lst lane and stay there behind slower traffic for fear of being classed as hogging. Clarification is certainly required.

    • They are lying. I checked and there was no vote that occurred. None, I tell you, none. You can want clarification all you want, but this is a fabrication, so there is no clarification to be had. Avoid this site in future, fellow commentator.


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