A new pub is to open in Ellesmere Port town centre with an ‘all you can drink’ for £14.99 offer.

The pub is part of a European chain that has been operating for the past two years in Belgium, France and Spain. The chain of pubs, La Cerveza, is owned by two Spanish brothers, the Oregas, and has become hugely popular since launching in Spain in 2015. The brothers believe that Ellesmere Port is the perfect location to start their ‘UK takeover’.

The Wetherspoon’s in Ellesmere Port’s town centre recently closed, and the new La Cerveza is expected to replace the gap left by the popular watering hole.


Detractors of the pub’s offer claim that the British can’t cope with an ‘all you can drink’ offer, and will just abuse it. The brothers, however, believe that Ellesmere Port’s residents will embrace the European culture of enjoying a few drinks without worrying who’s round it is, how much the next drink costs or whether they have enough change for the bus home.

Speaking to the Bugle, Jose Ortega, the elder of the two brothers, commented:

La Cerveza hopes to bring the continental drinking culture to the UK. We’re certain the UK is ready and we look forward to our grand opening next month.

The ‘All you can drink’ offer runs for one day, with patrons paying for a wristband in the pub and receiving any drink they wish that day inclusive of their fee. The pub chain also offers passes for weekends, seven days, monthly or annually. The annual pass is particularly popular in France, where wine is the most popular drink supped by the French.

For those interested in La Cerveza, and the ‘all you can drink’ offer, their grand opening is on the 1st of November in Ellesmere Port. The pub is expected to be a huge success in the UK, especially with the simplifying of the drink driving rules coming into force on December 1st.


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