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Chester FC Confirms Club Will NOT Be Joining European Super League


A club spokesman for Chester FC has confirmed the club will not be joining the proposed European Super League.

The new plans have seen English football giants Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea joined by wealthy Manchester City, and two other clubs from London, state they will be joining the new European League. The proposals are said to also include some other, yet to be named, clubs who will join Europe’s elite, and the two London clubs, in the new league.

Chester chairman, Andrew Morris, has put pay to rumours going around social media this morning that Chester may be one of the as yet to be named clubs.

Mr Morris commented:

No, Chester FC will NOT be joining the new European Super League. Not at this time.

Rumours have been flying round about Chester FC joining the breakaway league after the two London clubs, who have never won a damn thing in Europe’s biggest tournament, were added to the competition.

Chester fan, Dick Fiddler, commented on Facebook:

If Spurs and Arsenal are Europe’s elite, then any bloody team can join. Nottingham Forest are more successful in Europe than them, and we beat them 3-0 in 2005 – so why not Chester?

Despite Mr Morris’ denial that Chester FC would be involved, it hasn’t stopped people talking about Chester taking their rightful place at Europe’s top table. It seems as though this story won’t be going away any time soon and, perhaps as early as next season, we could see Chester FC taking on Real Madrid, Barcelona and some team from London that finished 3rd in a two-horse race.

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