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Tommy Robinson & Katie Hopkins FORCED to wear ‘Full Burka’ in shops


Famed racists, Tommy Robinson and Katie Hopkins, are said to be ‘saddened’ at having to wear full burkas when they go shopping due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With face masks in shops being made compulsory from next week, the notorious bashers of all things different were deeply shocked at how they, and only they, have been singled out as having to wear burkas when they nip to The Asdas for some crisps and cider.

According to a government spokesperson, the notoriously right-wing duo, known for their scathing comments of Islam, foreigners and anything they consider ‘un-British‘, will be forced to wear burkas for any trips to the shops. While the rest of the UK has to wear face coverings of some kind, such as masks, Hopkins and Robinson will have to deck out in a full burka or face fines of up to £100 each.

Furthermore, any fines forced upon the pair will be donated to the mosque which is nearest to their respective homes, and will be used to increase the volume of any ‘call to prayer‘ speaker system.

Racist ‘Big Dave‘, from Facebook, wrote:

Its diskusstin. Im fumming. Poor tomeh and kateh our nasional tresures. dey shuld ware wot they fookin well wants.

Tommy and Katie were unavailable to comment via Twitter, as they’ve been banned.

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