Cheshire West and Chester Council has issued a statement ‘condemning the shoddy workmanship‘ of the Roman builders after a section of the Roman walls collapsed last week.

The walls, which were built less than 2000 years ago, have already started showing signs of wear and tear. The worst of this occurred last week when a whole section of the walls collapsed.

A section of walls, behind the Grosvenor Shopping Centre, collapsed on Thursday. Luckily, nobody was harmed in the incident, except for the reputation of the Roman architects and builders.


Cheshire West and Chester councillor, Karen Shore, commented:

These Romans need to return and fix their shoddy workmanship. We paid them in good faith for work carried out, and it’s just not good enough.

Karen continued.

You expect something that was built in only 70-80AD to have lasted a little longer than this. If they don’t fix their poor quality work we’ll be reporting them to trading standards.

The council understands the original contract was with Deva Victrix, and not with Cheshire West and Chester Council, but they still expect the warranty of work to be honoured.

A council statement read:

“CWaC is looking into legal recourse following the collapse of walls in the city centre. We have attempted to contact the original contractors, Cicero Domitia and Sons, but they have not responded to our attempts. Unfortunately we do not have a phone or email address listed for them, and the business address we have is for a country that no longer exists.”

MP Chris Matheson was disgusted that Chester has paid money ‘in good faith‘ to a Roman builder whose work has collapsed in less than 2000 years. He fumed:

I’m Fuming. We hear about these cowboy builders all the time and never expected we’d be ripped off by them. We’re going to sue!

Further investigation into these Roman ‘builders‘ shows that most of their work has actually fallen down since it was constructed. The same builders were responsible for Rome‘s Coliseum, which is in a much worse state than Ellesmere Port‘s Coliseum.


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