Popular UK radio station, Heart 80s, has confirmed it is to open a second box of records. Currently the whole radio station is operating off a single box of records unearthed from Emma Bunton‘s mum’s attic.

The radio station has a very limited playlist of just five records, including two ‘That’s What I Call 80s‘ albums. This is why listeners to Heart 80s believe that pop group Five Star only ever had one hit, ‘Rain or Shine‘.

Heart 80s plays this song eight times per day, rain or shine.


Other tracks that Heart 80s plays constantly include The Weather Girls, with ‘It’s Raining Men‘, and Men at Work with… oh you bloody well know which one.

Host of Heart 80s on Sunday mornings, Jason Donovan, is very excited at this second box of records. He laughed:

Hopefully it will contain one of mine!

He went on to add:

I did wonder why we only ever play one Prince song, and haven’t got any Michael Jackson at all. Emma Bunton’s mum must not have been a fan.

Heart 80s has warned this second box of records is also made up of compilation albums, so may not increase their playlist by much. They predict they’ll go from 15 songs to somewhere in the region of 22 or even 23.

Regular listeners can relax, however, as this doesn’t mean they’ll stop playing Frankie Goes to Hollywood‘s ‘Relax‘ every 47 minutes.


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