Chester’s nearest hospital has taken the unusual step of scrapping its emergency ward in favour of a new Healing Crystals ward.

The move was made after a mums Facebook focus group decided the healing properties of crystals are far greater than the ‘so-called’ expert doctors who don’t know what they’re talking about. Rather than treat Chester residents with medicines and operations, the hospital will now treat emergencies with Agate, Citrine and Selenite.

The new Healing Crystals Ward launched last week and has already been saving lives, according to the Facebook mums group.


The group announced, in a recent statement, that last Thursday a man was rushed into the hospital after suffering a motorcycle accident. He had several breaks in his left leg and was struggling to breathe. Luckily the new Healing Crystals Ward had opened and he was treated with a course of Moonstone to stabilize him. After a few hours he was breathing on his own, where he was treated with some Crystal Quartz to improve his spirit.

Rachel Muffler, one of the admins of the Facebook mums group, commented:

Healing crystals have been around for thousands of years. These doctors and nurses have only just learned what they know. We’re better off with crystals.

The doctors, nurses and admin staff who worked at the Countess of Chester have all been made redundant. As part of their redundancy, they were offered retraining in the healing properties of crystals. A full half-day course was offered in order to make them expert healers in crystals. None accepted the offer however.


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