Singer Meat Loaf has sparked anger among his army of fans by becoming Halal.

Meat Loaf, or ‘Meat’ to his friends, has never appealed to Muslim fans due to the non-Halal nature of his being. Now, in an attempt to reach a new set of fans in the increasing Muslim population in both the USA and UK, he has become 100% certified Halal Meat Loaf.

Meat Loaf claims that Muslim fans can now buy his music without fear that he may not be permissible under Islamic law.


In a further move to appeal to a new sector of fans, Meat Loaf has recorded new versions of a number of his most popular tracks to make them more Halal friendly.

His new tracks include:

  • Two out three ain’t jihad
  • Bat out of Jahannam
  • I’d do anything for an arranged marriage (but I won’t do that)
  • You took the pork right out of my mouth

The new Halal album is released next month.

Meat Loaf is planning a UK tour early next year where he’ll be playing concerts in areas of heavy Muslim population. This hasn’t gone down well with everyone however, as the deputy chair of his UK fan club, wrote on his Twitter:

Im discustured. Meat Loaf isnt halol. Im not bying ne ov is knew musac!!!11!!

What do you think of Meat Loaf’s decision? Will you be seeing him in concert and buying his new music?



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