Blue Planet Aquarium, in Ellesmere Port, announced this morning that one of its dolphins had acquired a tattoo. The dolphin, named Jackson, has a new tattoo of a human female on its arse.

According to sources, the dolphin wanted the tattoo after seeing one of the Blue Planet Aquarium workers, named Kelly, bend over outside his tank.

When she did so, she revealed a dolphin tattoo on her arse. From that moment it was all Jackson would talk about.


Kelly Thomas, 26, from Ellesmere Port, commented.

I was bending over to get some fish out of me bucket when I heard Jackson getting all excited. I thought he fancied me like. He was looking at me arse.

It wasn’t until the dolphin specialist, Doctor Lars von Madenup, spoke with Jackson in dolphin language that the real reason for Jackson’s excitement was revealed.

Doctor Madenup commented:

Jackson wanted a tattoo to match Kelly’s. He decided he lives in Ellesmere Port, he should… fit in.

Performing the tattoo was no mean feat. Luckily Ellesmere Port is blessed in having ‘Tattoo Fixer’ Jay Hutton as a local resident. Jay’s tattoo parlour, Adrenaline Tattoo Studio, is based in Ellesmere Port and Jay was called in to give Jackson his ink.

Jay commented:

At first I thought it was a wind up. I mean, who tattoos a dolphin? There’s so much fake news about these days I was certain someone was pulling my leg.

He continued:

But no, it was real. As soon as I met Jackson I could see he was mad for the ink. He was the perfect canvas. So smooth and easy to draw on.

The best part for Jackson, and for Blue Planet Aquarium, is that Jackson’s ink was free as Blue Planet Aquarium shared a photo of the tattoo on their social media. Jay Hutton has a standing offer to perform tattoos for free for anyone who takes a photo of the work and shares it via their social media. He believes the additional exposure is great for his business.

If you want to see Jackson’s new ink, why not pop down to Blue Planet Aquarium today and check it out? Tell them the Chester Bugle sent you!


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