Dean Thomas, from Ellesmere Port, was disappointed today when he had cleared his afternoon to watch the final of the Women’s Breaststroke.

Dean, who usually spends his afternoons watching Jeremy Kyle, had settled down on the sofa of his Little Sutton two-bed council house with a box of tissues, ready for some breast stroking action.

Instead of seeing some frantic girl-on-girl activity, he was presented with people swimming. It was not what he had woken up early for.


Dean commented:

What the hell is this? I woke up at 11am to make sure I was ready for the nuddy film I was promised in my TV Quick. Not swimming.

Instead of frantically beating along to the rhythm of the entertainment he was hoping for, Dean instead watched Sarah Vasey winning a gold medal.

He continued:

I’m writing a letter of complaint to the BBC. They need to be more careful with their program names in future. Hopefully this ‘beach volleyball’ they’re promising in a few days is more to my taste.


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