Virally spreading coffee chain, Costa Coffee, has launched a new scheme to open coffee shops inside the homes of customers, and the expanding company is piloting the program in Ellesmere Port.

Costa Coffee, described by detractors as the Japanese Knotweed of the coffee world, has been aggressively opening new branches of its coffee shop all over Ellesmere Port for the last few years. One of the firm’s goals was to ensure nobody from Ellesmere Port should walk more than three minutes before reaching the next branch of Costa. That goal has already been achieved.

The firm also wanted to disrupt business meetings being held in its coffee shops as much as possible, so that congregating business folk would have to be incredibly specific when arranging to meet or risk visiting the wrong coffee shop.


Anyone arranging to meet in the ‘Costa Coffee in Ellesmere Port‘ may as well arrange to meet ‘by the abandoned trolley‘. It could LITERALLY be anywhere.

Now the firm has launched its latest ploy to saturate the town with Costa Coffees; to open branches inside people’s homes. It is already looking for volunteers who would like to give over a room in their home, or part of a room, in order to host a Costa Coffee concession.

Anyone lucky enough to be selected to play host to a Costa Coffee Home will receive a percentage of the profits from the pop-up coffee shop, but they will have to allow strangers into their home and they would also need to ensure they have the necessary business insurance.

Costa Coffee believes that Costa Coffee Home shops could earn as much as two or three thousand pounds per week for the homeowner, so they do expect a lot of interest.

Anyone from Ellesmere Port wishing to be considered for one of the new Costa Coffee Home shops should tweet at @CostaCoffee and include a photo of their house. Costa Coffee is being quite selective with the criteria, and insists that any houses chosen can’t be within five metres of an existing Costa Coffee. Anything outside of five metres is perfectly fine.

Christopher Rogers, the CEO of Costa Coffee, commented:

A Costa in every home! Just imagine it. Starbuck’s can kiss my rosy red ass after that one!

Would you like a Costa Coffee in your home? If so, simply send a tweet to @CostaCoffee on Twitter and include a photo of your house.

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