Today marks the annual day dedicated to women with small headlamps: Pancake Day.

While religion enthusiasts, and people who like to eat masses of food before collapsing into a food coma, believe the day is about them, the true meaning of pancake day is to celebrate women with tiny Bristols.

Pancake Day was first founded by Ginny ‘Baps’ Thomas, in 1946. She founded the day so that women with micro knockers wouldn’t feel left out from all the attention men lavish on women with massive sweater muffins.


Speaking at the time, Ginny commented:

Big Bazookas isn’t the only thing worth celebrating. That’s why I invented pancake day, so that women with slighter Globes could feel wanted too.

So, remember, when you hear someone talking about Pancake Day, it’s nothing to do with Shrove Tuesday, food or religion, it’s about women with nano norks, birds with baby cushions, chicks with underdeveloped lady lumps.

Make sure you wish someone with tiny cannons a happy Pancake Day!


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