When people ask for recommendations for bouncy castles on Facebook, they’re really asking for recommendations for large prostitutes, it has been revealed.

Facebook users have, for some years, been confused as to why so many people seem to be looking for bouncy castles. Barely a day goes by when someone doesn’t ask for a recommendation for one, and often the people asking don’t even have children.

The mystery has now been solved, however, when it was revealed that ‘bouncy castles’ is actually a colloquial term for the bigger lady of loose morals.


James Thomas, from Ellesmere Port, posted only yesterday in Pride in the Port asking for a recommendation for a bouncy castle. He asked for one that could be placed on a hard surface, and could take quite a bit of a pounding. To the unknowing, he was actually asking for a bouncy castle for his garden. However, it was confirmed he was actually asking for a fat chick who wouldn’t mind him going at her like a sex-starved rabbit.

The revelation of the ‘secret code’ came out when twenty-three-year-old Jenny, from Little Sutton, asked for a bouncy castle on Facebook and received a recommendation from a man named ‘Dope Don’. Jenny took Don up on his recommendation, and expected a bouncy castle delivered for her son’s third birthday on the weekend. She was shocked and appalled when a 18-stone hooker showed up, asking where the ‘birthday boy’ was.

Jenny commented:

She was hideous. She asked where Timmy was and demanded £90 from me. I told her to sling her hook.

Facebook users are advised to not post about bouncy castles to avoid confusion, and are instead advised to use Google where the colloquial term doesn’t exist.


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