The English F.A. was left red-faced this morning after they realised they had appointed Phil Neville instead of Gary Neville as the manager of the Women’s National Team.

The F.A. had phoned Gary Neville yesterday to offer him the job, and he had appeared to have accepted verbally.

However, yesterday evening proved hugely embarrassing when Phil showed up at the F.A. HQ and quickly signed the contract before anyone noticed.


The chairperson of the F.A., Greg Clarke, was left fuming after the incident. He commented.

I can’t believe we’ve fucked up again. I thought this sort of shambles was behind us after we appointed Southgate, and Roy Hodgson come to that.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing they can do about the accidental appointment, as Phil has signed the contract. The F.A. now has to wait for results to be disastrous, or for Phil to do something hugely embarrassing where they’re able to sack him. Phil has headed that one off at the pass, however, by deleting his Twitter account.

After signing, Phil texted his brother Gary to tell him what he’d missed out on. His text reportedly said.

Ha bruv. Suk it! Im boss of woman now. U stik to working wiv that twat Cariger.

Gary Neville was unavailable for comment.


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