After an initial trial this weekend at Cheshire Oaks, all traffic lights in Ellesmere Port will be replaced by men holding a bit of tape.

Most towns across the north west have operated traffic lights as a means of crossing the road for many years. However, in Ellesmere Port local council leaders feel that residents are completely unable to operate the confusing buttons. Residents are ‘baffled’ by the button labelled ‘push’, and the red man for stop and green man for go system.

To combat the inability of Ellesmere Port residents to operate the traffic lights for crossing the road, council leaders trialled an alternative this weekend – a man with a bit of tape. Instead of the complicated ‘button push’ system, residents instead have to stop when a man with a bit of tape blocks the road. He will then, periodically, walk out into the road and stop the cars with his bit of tape so pedestrians can cross the road.


The system was trialled this weekend at Cheshire Oaks, and seemed to work without a problem. Gerald Meehan, from Cheshire West and Chester Council, commented to the Bugle:

The traffic lights have been confusing our residents for years. They don’t know what to do. The man with a bit of tape makes it much easier to cross the road.

Critics have claimed the cost to replace all of the traffic lights in Ellesmere Port with men and a bit of tape will be too high, as an estimated 500 staff would be needed to man the crossings across the town. The good news to tax-payers however is that there will be no cost, as the crossings will be manned by the unemployed.

Ellesmere Port residents safely crossing the road.

Gerald Meehan added:

Anyone claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance will be forced to work at least three days per week, for eight-hour shifts, holding a bit of tape at crossings around the town. It’s free labour, and it makes our roads safer.

What do the Bugle’s readers thing of this move by the council? Do you find the crossings confusing? Will this make it safer?

A man with a bit of tape lets people cross the road.


  1. LOL. I have just started working at Cheshire Oaks and it is surprising how well the man with tape or string works at keeping pedestrians and vehicles apart.


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