It emerged this week that the nation’s Big Six energy companies are helping the government to curb the population by culling elderly customers. The plan is being implemented with a series of price hikes that are too high for elderly customers to afford, it has been revealed.

The Big Six supply energy to over 50 million people in the UK, and are responsible for the supply to more than 90% of domestic customers. With the population growth getting out of control, the government has forged a plan with the Big Six to begin culling pensioners in order to reach population targets by 2022.

Money Saving Expert campaigner Martin Lewis, speaking on ITV’s This Morning, was outraged about the revelations. He advised pensioners to phone up and challenge their bills if they wanted to stay alive this winter:


 “Always be polite, always charm, they don’t have to have you as customer – this isn’t about aggression, you want them on your side.”

Martin further advised pensioners to say:

“I’m sorry that’s too expensive, I’ve checked elsewhere you’re more expensive than the competition.”

Martin Lewis advises that anyone unable to pay their heating bill should contact their energy supplier to discuss their bill before it is too late.

Mrs Hibberd, an 82-year-old woman from Chester, told the Bugle:

I’m 82 you know. It’s freezing in here. I’ve been cut off. Have you seen my son? He hasn’t been round for years.

We spoke with Mrs Hibberd last week. Since then, however, she’s passed away from hyperthermia or hypothermia, whichever one is the cold one.

What do the Bugle’s readers think about this news? Are you surprised by the revelation? Let us know in the comments below.


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