Cheshire West and Chester Council has announced that all new bus shelters to be placed in Ellesmere Port will, from this month onwards, come with pre-smashed glass. The move follows the council’s survey of local residents to find out what they most want in a bus shelter, with ‘smashed glass’ coming out on top.

Previous bus shelters in the Port have been fitted with glass windows, as the council erroneously believed this was what Ellesmere Port residents desired in a bus shelter. However, no sooner had the bus shelters been erected than their windows were smashed by residents keen to make the bus shelters ‘just how they like them’.

The council has now responded to residents’ requests and will install all future bus shelters with pre-smashed glass, to save valuable time within the community.


Betty Norris, from Wolverham Road, commented to the Bugle:

The smashed glass looks lovely, especially at night when the flickering street lamps bounce off it. It looks like stars on the pavement. Smashing.

The Bugle contacted the council for a comment, but nobody was available at this time.

A new bus shelter, installed this week

The move is expected to save many hours for local residents, who can instead devote their time to other activities within the town, such as the artistic placement of shopping trolleys.


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