Local Ellesmere Port police have commended youths for putting on a free fireworks display on Sutton Way on Sunday evening.

Charitable youths held the free fireworks display around 8pm last night, and generously made local car owners part of their display.

Now the police would like to thank the youths in person for their generosity and community spirit, and ask them to pop along to Ellesmere Port police station to pick up a special certificate.


Detective Inspector Chris Williams was quoted as saying:

As part of Operation Treacle we were out in force over the weekend with Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service and the council for what turned out to be a pretty successful few days which passed without serious incident.

DI Williams went on to add:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the community for being so supportive and helpful during our operation.

The community-minded youths have been asked to make themselves known to the local police so they can be rewarded for actions.

Did you witness the free fireworks display on Sutton Way? Do you believe the youths put on a great show and are deserving of their award?


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