Swashbuckling Spaniard, Inigo Montoya, has cast doubts on Prime Minister Theresa May’s understanding of the phrase ‘Strong and Stable’.

Montoya, speaking exclusively to the Bugle, addressed his concerns to the beleaguered PM:

“You keep using those words. I do not think they mean what you think they mean”

Inigo Montoya took time out from his busy work of trying to revive his ‘mostly dead’ friend in order to speak with the Bugle. He hopes his friend will recover in time to storm a castle and rescue a princess.


Montoya added that he is also looking for a three-fingered man and, when the Bugle asked why he was looking for such a gentleman, he uttered the following statement.

The Bugle asked the Prime Minister for a response to Montoya’s comments, and she sent us this:

Strong and Stable, Strong and Stable, Strong and Stable

What do the Bugle’s readers think of Montoya’s comments? Do you agree with him, or do you think Theresa May understand what ‘Strong and Stable’ means? Let us know in the comments below.


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