Teenager Shooting Handgun

President Trump today announced that US school children would be forced to carry guns while on school grounds to keep them safe from any potential invaders.

The President, speaking from Trump Tower in Las Vegas, made the executive order just days after the terrible incident outside the Mandalay Bay Hotel, where dozens of victims were murdered by an armed assailant.

The weekend’s shooting was the most recent of many the USA has suffered over the years, with innocent lives always the focal point of the media. While gun control campaigners have stated again and again that the US needs to tighten up the rules on who has access to handguns and automatic weapons, members of the NRA (National Rifle Association) have disagreed.


The NRA are strong supporters of President Trump.

Speaking earlier today, Trump announced to the expectant press:

We need to protect our kids. For that we need more guns. Guns means safe. I’m passing an executive order that all kids have guns.

The law will come into effect at midnight tonight, with all school children being handed guns tomorrow morning at recess. Tuition on how to use the guns will be offered later in the year, right now the President believes it’s more important the children have guns to be safe.

The NRA has long believed that the answer to mass shootings is more guns. Brad Johnson, deputy vice president within the NRA, commented:

If those poor folks in Vegas had all had guns, they’d still be very much alive. That’s a fact.

Just before the shootings in Las Vegas, the NRA celebrated the lowering of the licence fee for handguns:


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