Outdated cockney comedian Jim Davidson has become relevant in Saudi Arabia after they allowed women drivers for the first time.

The ‘comedian’, famed for his sexist and racist routines of the 70s and 80s, has been largely off our TV screens since the demise of the game show Big Break, which he co-hosted with bearded cuester John Virgo. Now that Saudi Arabia has taken the long-overdue step of allowing women behind the wheel of a car, Davidson’s 70’s routines about women drivers is expected to find a new, eager audience.

The decision to allow women drivers was announced in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, with Davidson immediately being booked for gigs on the Wednesday. Jim, speaking exclusively to the Bugle, commented:


Why don’t women need driver’s licenses? Because there are no roads between the laundry room and the kitchen!

Jim is thrilled about trotting out his old material in front of an excited Saudi audience, but he admits he’ll have to tone down the racist jokes. His one about the Arab and the bed sheet will definitely NOT be on his set list.

You can book tickets to see Jim Davidson in Saudi Arabia starting this week.


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