The hurricane is to visit the US next week to view the damage caused by President Trump.

As President Trump finally prepares to visit Puerto Rico to view the effects of Hurricane Maria on the populous, the hurricane is preparing to travel the other way to see the extreme damage caused to the United States by the giant orange swirling ball of destruction.

The hurricane, speaking exclusively with the Bugle, commented:


I’ve caused some problems, sure, but it’s nothing to the damage Trump has caused across the US

The hurricane plans to visit schools, businesses and emergency services whose lives have been irreparably altered by Trump’s short time in office.

As the hurricane visits the US, Trump plans to visit Puerto Rico – as if they haven’t suffered enough already. In between his tweets about the NFL and the media, Trump found time to tweet the following:

Hurricane Maria hasn’t responded to Trump’s tweets due to the fact she’s a hurricane, and can’t use Twitter. President Trump was unavailable for comment on this story.


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