The men at a Chester based accountants have told the female staff members to give their glass ceiling a bit of a clean, it has emerged.

The accountant firm, Johnson, Willy and Tackle, has been operating within the city walls for over 100 years and has, until recently, been a predominantly male-dominated work environment. The firm took on its first female employee only two years ago, as an office junior. Since that time a further three women have been employed by the Chester accountants, but none in senior roles.

Last week, several of the men at the accountant firm noticed their glass ceiling was a bit grubby, and instructed the female employees to get up there and give it a bit of a clean.


Senior account Geoff Tackle commented to the Bugle:

The glass ceiling is very important to our firm. Therefor the lovely ladies should give it a bit of a clean now and then.

Donna Jones, Ellesmere Port resident and the newest member of the firm, insists she doesn’t mind doing the menial tasks asked of her by the men of the accountant firm. She added:

The smart men earn way more than me, so they shouldn’t be expected to clean their own glass ceiling, should they?

What do you think about Johnson, Willy and Tackle making the female staff members clean their glass ceiling? Let us know in the comments below.


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