A new app has been released that allows motorists to indicate left or right using their thumb, while they’re driving.

The recent law change making it illegal to use your mobile phone while driving hasn’t stopped motorists from picking up their smartphones while behind the wheel. In fact, studies show that mobile phone usage has increased among motorists, especially with the increase in Snapchat filters.

As anyone who has used their phone while driving will testify, it’s difficult to indicate while holding your mobile. Luckily, a new app seems to have solved the problem. The app, WhereUGwon?, connects to your car via Bluetooth, and puts a ‘left’ and ‘right’ button on your phone’s screen that floats above any app you’re currently using. Without needing to close any app, return to your home screen or stop reading whatever it is that you’re reading, you can ‘indicate’ which direction you’ll be turning. The command then links to your car and lets other motorists know where you’re going.


The developers, BlueMonkey, said about the app:

“With our app, WhereUGwon, you’ll never need to put your phone down while driving again”

The app only works with newer car models that are already Bluetooth enabled, and the app developers have stated that the app currently doesn’t work with BMWs for some reason – but they’re hoping to fix that soon.


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