Microsoft had a busy day today as staff at its stores nationwide struggled with the demand from people wanting to know where the Apple store was. In order to meet the demand, Microsoft had to draft in temporary staff and cancel leave from fulltime staff.

Microsoft’s stores were flooded with Apple fans at 9am this morning, desperately looking for the Apple store so they could join the queues of Apple fans who had already been queuing overnight.

Apple was launching another new phone, or tablet – we’re not really sure which.


A spokesman for Microsoft confirmed how busy they were earlier in the day.

“Whenever Apple launches a new product it’s one of the busiest days of the year for us. We’re the first tech store in the mall, and fans always rush in and ask where the Apple store is. It’s mad.”

By 10:30 this morning, Microsoft’s stores returned to their usual empty state with the occasional person wandering in every 20 minutes or so, looking for the toilets.

The Microsoft store was a ghost town, earlier today

Apple’s stores, meanwhile, looked like the trader floor of the New York Stock Exchange throughout the day.

Apple Store
Queues outside the Apple store, earlier today

The Bugle asked Seth Rickman, one of the Apple Geniuses, for comment on Microsoft’s predicament during their product launches.

“Micro who? Er… didn’t they, like, make computers or something in the 80s?”


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