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Home Entertainment Netflix removes EVERYTHING over fears someone will always be offended by something

Netflix removes EVERYTHING over fears someone will always be offended by something


Netflix subscribers were this morning shocked to find the streaming service had removed all of its content from the platform. Netflix is now completely empty.

Recently episodes of Little Britain were removed, followed by the League of Gentleman and yesterday saw an episode of Fawlty Towers get the chop in case it offended the Germans. This morning, however, saw everything go as Netflix bosses realised that someone was always going to be offended by something.

As producers went through the programing on offer throughout the night, they started deleting shows they believed would cause offense.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was removed over fears it discriminated against goths, Friends was removed as it discriminated against loners and Top Gear was deleted in case people who liked to use other gears were easily offended.

As the night drew on it became clear that someone was always going to take offense at something, so Netflix just deleted all of its programing to play it safe.

A Netflix spokesperson commented:

As we went through our programs we realised some c*nt was always going to be offended, no matter what. So we’ve just wiped the lot. Our subscribers can now stare at a black screen without fear of being offended.

However, the use of the ‘black’ screen has triggered an angry response from gammons, who believe the use of a black screen is racist. The have demanded Netflix turn the screen white or they’ll cancel their subscription. They have insisted that all screen colours matter – but they would prefer white.

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