This year’s winner of The Voice, thingy, forgot to tick the box on their application form consenting to publicity. This oversight has happened every single year on the spinning-chaired TV show since it started in 2012.

Previous winners have included whats-his-name, that bird and dude with the hair. However none of them were able to have any sort of career after the show had finished as they’d failed to tick the ‘do you consent to publicity’ box on their application forms.

Similar competitions, such as scratch cards and the Lottery, also have a box for consenting to publicity where winners can choose to be named and photographed, or remain safely anonymous. Sadly every winner of The Voice so far has chosen to remain anonymous.


Non-singing judge,, waxed lyrical about this year’s winner during the show, as he has done every previous year, but had forgotten their name moments after the credits rolled. He blurbed.

They were dope. Fyre. Hollar.

Winning The Voice is a great achievement for any contestant, and is something that can change their lives for the next five to ten minutes, before the studio lights are switched off and they’re ushered out of the door with the rest of the audience.


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