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One more Boris U-Turn could cause Tornado – meteorologists warn


The speed and regularity with which Prime Minister Boris Johnson performs U-turns is in real danger of causing a category 5 tornado in the UK, weather experts have warned.

A category 5, or F5, tornado features maximum wind speeds of between 261 mph and 318 mph, and would cause substantial damage to the UK if one materialised in London. Tornados usually form when warm air collides with cold air, but they can also be generated by something spinning around extremely quickly over and over again – like a government going back on a decision.

Over the last few months, Boris Johnson has performed so many U-turns on decisions that the risk of a category 5 tornado developing is extremely high, with some experts advising people to leave their homes and seek shelter in the hills.

Professor Lo Hung Dong, one of the world’s leading meteorologists, stated:

We’re on a knife edge. One more U-turn could spell disaster for London with a tornado the likes of which the UK has never seen.

Home Secretary, Priti Patel, countered the professor’s comments stating:

Tell that foreign prick to shut his f*cking mouth or I’ll deport his ass!

Boris Johnson was going to give a comment, but then changed his mind ahead of another change of mind planned for later this afternoon.

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