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Mrs Brown’s Boys Beats Off Stiff Competition To Be Crowned WORST THING OF 2020


TV ‘comedy’, Mrs Brown’s Boys, has won the coveted title of ‘Worst Thing of 2020‘. The award celebrates the thing that has the biggest negative impact on the most people, with Mrs Brown’s Boys winning the award for the third straight year.

2020 has been an exceptional year for awful things to happen, so competition for the award has been fierce. However, an online public vote saw the ‘comedy’ garner an incredible 64% of the public vote, handing it the award by a landslide.

Other truly awful things that have happened in 2020 include the UK shooting itself squarely in the foot through Brexit, an attack of Murder Hornets and the small matter of hundreds of thousands of people around the world dying from a global pandemic. Even the Olympics and the Euros were postponed for 12 months.

None of these things were considered by the UK public as anything like as bad as Mrs Brown’s Boys. Even a nation-wide lockdown, the absence of toilet rolls, holidays being cancelled and Christmas Day being spent alone paled into insignificance when put up against an annoying Irish guy in drag saying ‘fekking’, accompanied by canned laughter.

Misery expert, Doctor Hank Stains, commented:

COVID-19 has affected the world and made it a completely different place, but unfortunately that place still includes Mrs Brown’s Boys – so the virus has work to do. If it can take that shite off the air, it will have been worth it.

Lover of red wine, real ale, Liverpool FC and most things geeky. Darren has been pottering about on the internet since the late 90s, and helps businesses increase their online presence through his agency Engage Web.


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