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Fake crowd sounds at Chelsea games to include racist chanting


A Premier League spokesperson has confirmed that all of Chelsea FC’s remaining home games to be broadcast live will include racist chanting with the fake crowd sounds for that ‘added realism‘.

With football matches being broadcast on Sky, BT Sport and the BBC showing games in empty stadiums, viewers have the option of watching games with fake crowd noises played over the top. The crowd noises have been very realistic to date, with even crowd banter being heard. In the Manchester City v Arsenal game, a Sergio Aguero effort hit the side netting, causing the home crowd to cheer, then gasp as they realised it had missed, only to be followed by the baying of the away fans.

However, to ensure realism is maintained league officials have confirmed that racist chanting and booing would be added to the sounds used for Chelsea’s remaining home fixtures. Richard Masters, the chief executive of the Premier League, commented:

We’re doing everything we can to help the fans’ experience at home, and that means making the sounds in the stadium as realistic as possible.

He explained:

That means cheers at St James’ Park, silence at the Emirates and racist chanting at Stamford Bridge.

The racist chanting was recorded at the last home game Chelsea played in front of their fans.


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