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Woman who adopted Chester Zoo lion didn’t know she’d have to home it


Lucy Taylor, a twenty-six-year-old woman from Girton Road, Ellesmere Port, was shocked to discover she had to find space in her home for a lion she’d ‘adopted’ from Chester Zoo.

The troubled zoo offered up its animals for adoption as an added method to raise funds to keep the zoo operating during the enforced government closure. Animals from the smaller rabbits and meerkats to the larger, more dangerous, lions and tigers were available to be ‘adopted’ for a fee from patrons who want to show their support for the zoo.

However, unsuspecting charity supporter Lucy got more than she bargained for when she made a small donation to adopt one of the zoo’s lions. Three days after making the donation, a truck turned up outside her Ellesmere Port 3-bed Semi and a lion was escorted out, and into her home.

I can’t f*cking believe it!

She exclaimed to The Bugle.

I thought I wast just donating money, not rehoming the bloody thing.

She continued:

I expected I’d get a certificate, and maybe a plush toy of a cute lion. Instead I have to share my house with a blood-lusting carnivore than has already eaten my two dogs.

According to zoo representatives, under normal circumstances Lucy would have been correct and she would have received a letter, certificate and some form of promotion lion-based merchandise. However, with the situation being as it is, any animals that are ‘adopted’ during the closures are also temporarily rehomed.

The spokesman added:

There’s some poor chap in a one-bed flat in Saughall who’s sharing with an adult male elephant. He’s not getting his tenancy deposit back!

Chester Zoo added there are still lots of animals that can be adopted if any residents of Chester and Ellesmere Port fancy taking in some large predatory cats, or perhaps something smaller like some snakes or spiders. You can help the zoo raise funds and stay open by visiting here.

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