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Man arrested after failing to share albums that influenced him on Facebook


A local man was arrested this morning after he had failed to share the cover of an album that influenced him on Facebook yesterday.

The man, 34-year-old Thomas Stifler from Ellesmere Port, had been nominated by his mate Fat Kev to share images of albums that influenced him every day, for 10 days. Thomas shared images of albums for the first three days, but forgot to share the fourth yesterday. This prompted a dawn raid on his home in Girton Road, Ellesmere Port, this morning.

Thomas was arrested after the raid, which involved six police offers, two dogs and three vehicles. He is facing charges of not sharing pictures of album covers that have influenced him when nominated to do so, a crime that carries a maximum sentence of up to three years in prison.

Tom’s lawyer, Ben Grabbit from local law firm Shaftem & Billum, doesn’t rate Tom’s chances.

I’ll do what I can but it looks like an open and shut case.

He commented:

He shared three album covers, demonstrating he understood the law, but then failed to carry through with it. It’s not even like he had anything else to do that could have distracted him.

The three pictures of album covers Tom had shared so far were all versions of Now That’s What I Call Music compilation albums. Tom pleaded with police as they took him away, saying:

I’m really not that into music. I just don’t care.

Tom’s mate Kev has no sympathy for him, after nominating him to take the challenge.

He should be arrested for his taste in music alone.

He continued:

I’ve shared album covers from Indy bands you could only buy on the night at the gigs. That’s what a massive music twat I am.

Tom faces his trial next week where, if found guilty, he is expected to be sent down for the maximum duration.

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