The UK’s children have staged a coup against the gays to take back control of the rainbow symbol, it has been confirmed.

The rainbow has been a symbol of the gays ever since they wrestled it from the hands of children in the mid-90s during the TV show Rainbow. The Rainbow was originally owned by children, through such franchises as Rainbow Bright – a popular child’s doll in the 1980s.

When the TV show Rainbow emerged it appeared as though ownership of the rainbow would remain firmly in the hands of children. However, the TV show was a clever ‘Trojan Horse‘ style rouse from the gays to steal the rainbow from under children’s noses.


What started as an innocent kids’ TV show soon emerged as the possibly the gayest thing to have ever been broadcast, allowing the gays to steal the rainbow symbol from children. Children watched naively as a pink hippo, a man in excruciatingly tight trousers, a furry cosplayer and a puppet with a gimp mask for a head entertained them day after day – blissfully unaware of the gayness they were observing.

Rainbow – where the tide turned in the war between children and gays

Ever since Rainbow, the gays have owned the symbol. They have used it for flags, clothing and even marketing campaigns (such as football’s ‘Rainbow Laces‘ campaign).

Now, it seems, children are making a bid to reclaim the symbol they lost in the 90s. All over the UK children are making rainbow pictures and posting them in the windows of their homes as a warning to gays that they now own the rainbow.

8-year-old Jasmine, from Ellesmere Port, has been appointed leader of the children’s coup attempt. She commented:

Rainbows are ours!

Her mother, Karen Karenson, added:

Why do people think rainbows are gay? They’re not gay! They’re brightly coloured symbols of happiness. Nothing to do with being gay!

The war between the children and the gays wages on, with neither willing to give up their beloved rainbow symbol.


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