The current trend of adding “Be Kind” to your profile photo on Facebook has been taken up by the country’s biggest pricks, it has been revealed.

The “Be Kind” movement emerged after the untimely death of TV host Caroline Flack was attributed to the abuse she received both online and in the media.

This prompted utter arseholes to add “Be Kind” to their profile photos, before returning to their daily routines of bullying, trolling and generally being a complete c*nt on the social media platform.


Whenever someone writes a really abusive, personal comment in response to a post they disagree with, you can almost guarantee they have “Be Kind” emblazoned across their profile image like some preaching social justice warrior.

“Be Kind” advocate, Karen Karenson, spoke with the Bugle earlier today. She commented.

I support Be Kind because I think we should all be kinder to each other. What happened with Caroline was terrible. RIP.

Karen went on to add:

But if some f*cking bitch disagrees with me on Facebook I’ll f*cking call her out on it. The slag.

Karen also added:

I’m sick of these left-wing pricks too. They can f*ck off. We didn’t vote for Brexit to listen to them whinge. Be Kind!

Karen went on for some time, complaining about lazy police, ambulances parking where they shouldn’t and unskilled workers who shouldn’t be in the country. We stopped listening.


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