Celebrity twat, Piers Morgan, was this morning looking for something at which to direct faux outrage.

The over-inflated man with the over-inflated ego has previously become very angry at things that are of no concern to him, or anyone else, just to get a reaction from the public. Whether it be on TV show This Morning, or via Twitter, Morgan has displayed increasingly strong opinions about the most trivial of issues, such as vegan sausage rolls, a person referring to themselves as ‘they‘ instead ‘he‘ or Meghan Markle closing her own car door.

It doesn’t matter how unimportant, how trivial or how irrelevant to a rich, privileged white man, Piers has managed to get all shitty about pretty much anything.


Now Piers is looking for something new to get all up your face about, and it needs to be something incredibly mundane. Perhaps it could be legal limit on the length of dog leads? Maybe it could be the colours of milk bottle tops prejudicing against the colour-blind? Perhaps it could be that the word ‘sandals’ sounds French.

It doesn’t matter how pointless, Piers needs to hear about it. If you have any suggestions for something Piers could get all fucked off about, then you need to Tweet Piers with your suggestions. Do it now from our handy tweet link:

Help @piersmorgan find something trivial at which to display faux outrage #CalmDownFatHead Click To Tweet


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