The entire series of Coronation Street is to be released on a 2,000 disc DVD boxset, it was revealed this morning. Fans of the show will be delighted to learn they can own the entire series of the northern soap and watch it again and again from the comfort of their own home, any time they want.

The soap, which first aired in December 1960, is the world’s longest running TV drama and has previously only seen select episodes released on DVD. Fans of the show can now watch it again from day one, right up to the modern episodes, on a handy DVD set.

The 2,000 DVD boxset is competitively priced at just £14,000, which works out at only £7 per DVD. That’s a bargain for 5,000+ hours’ worth of viewing.


The DVD set is so large, each set will be delivered on a special ‘Corrie DVD truck’, which will play the show’s theme tune as it arrives outside your house.

Coronation Street superfan, Marjory Droops, gushed:

This is great news. I can’t wait to watch it all again. I’m going to binge-watch it over the next year.

The DVD set, which can be ordered now from all good stockists, is delivered in a special commemorative box that measures 23ft x 12ft, and fits perfectly along the wall of most large-sized rooms.

You don’t need to worry about future episodes, either, as the DVD manufacturers have thought about that. The DVD set may cost just £14,000 but, for a subscription of £7 per week, you’ll receive an additional DVD each week with the latest episodes. This can be added to your boxset to keep it updated.

Will you buying the Corrie DVD boxset? Do you know a fan who would love this?


  1. I’ve got nearly every episode on a 2 TB hard drive so nearly possible (I have April 1976-Nov 2020) and a few from 1960-1975. By my calculations based on the Network released DVD boxsets of 80 episodes each from 5 decades, a boxset that would run up to the end of 2020 from the first episode in December 1960 would need approximately 1275 DVDs, more practical would be to release a lot of episodes on Blu ray discs at only SD quality could get the disc count then down to a couple of hundred.

    It might be a joke but I would so like an official release, perhaps a Netflix style on demand service.

  2. So, where can we purchase this? Is there a link anywhere? Is it possible to have it shipped to the USA (obviously not expecting a special delivery as described here). I’d love to look into this if we had more details!


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