Twitter user @gothepleb has detailed an account of where she says she was sexually harassed by a colleague when working for the high street retailer CeX.

She explained, in great detail, what happened in a series of tweets on Wednesday afternoon, which can be read here.

She claims that, following her receiving sexual messages from a colleague, her subsequent reporting of the issue led to her being let go from her position at the retailer, with the person alleged to have harassed her still being kept on the work rota.


CeX is a buyer and seller of items such as electronics and video games, and they have stores all around the UK – including in Ellesmere Port and Chester.

She also claims that, after being sacked from her job, her alleged harasser further harassed her via social media after having been privy to confidential details of her conversation with the store manager.

To date, the original tweet has received nearly 2,000 retweets and nearly 4,000 likes on Twitter. Once the mainstream media pick up the story, with its self-writing headline, we can expect this story to explode over the coming days.

See the full story unfold below.


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