The popular sarcastic football chant ‘Is this a library?‘, sung by away fans at football grounds, has been updated following Brexit.

The chant is a very clever use of wit that suggests the home support isn’t very good, sung at points in the game when the stadium is really quiet ‘like a library‘. However, as libraries don’t really exist anymore, and football fans never really knew what a library was anyway, the chant has been updated for post-Brexit Britain.

The chant now goes ‘Is this a factory?‘, referencing the death of British manufacturing and the slow collapse of the economy.


Cheeky football fans now burst into a chorus of ‘Is this a factory’ whenever the home fans stop singing for two minutes. A spokesman for the F.A. commented:

This is a great football chant, and one that is quintessentially British. It’s good to sing a song that both mocks the home fans and takes the piss out of how shit we are as a country.

Sadly the chant can’t be used by English fans in international matches abroad, or by club fans playing away in Europe, as European factories are really noisy making all of the things we used to make before we completely fucked up our country.

The F.A. spokesman added:

Before long we’ll need to find a new chant again, as nobody will remember what factories were.


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