A Chester Zoo spokesperson, has confirmed the news the science world has been waiting for decades to hear: Chester Zoo has successfully bred the first dinosaurs.

In what sounds like the plot of a science fiction movie, real scientists at Chester’s highest-rated tourist attraction have been working for the past 20 years on breeding dinosaurs from extracted DNA. Using techniques that only emerged in the last three years, that work has now come to fruition with the zoo confirming it has successfully bred two dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs became extinct over 65 million years ago, and the idea man and dinosaur would ever meet face-to-face seemed unthinkable. Now, thanks to leading scientists and the dedication of Chester Zoo, that 65-million-year gap has been bridged.


The dinosaurs are not yet open to be viewed by the public, but Chester Zoo believes it is only a matter of weeks before they’re able to unveil their world-beating achievement.

A Chester Zoo spokesperson commented:

We’re extremely excited to confirm we have done it. We have bred dinosaurs. Two Velociraptors were hatched last week. They are both doing well, and are responding to being bottle fed.

Velociraptors last existed on earth during the Cretaceous Period, at least 71 million years ago. Soon Chester residents will be able to see them in person, at Chester Zoo.

The news hasn’t pleased everyone, with some claiming the act is ungodly and that science should have stayed away.

Karen Pillock, from anti-dinosaur group No More Saurus, commented:

They had no right to breed these creatures. They shouldn’t exist in our time. It will all go wrong. You mark my words.

Chester Zoo has acted fast to allay fears about the existence of the dinosaurs and the fears of Pillock, adding:

Everything is under control. The dinosaurs are kept in a safe environment and there’s absolutely no chance they could escape.

Expect the dinosaurs to be unveiled at Chester Zoo in the coming weeks.


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