It has been announced that the Fourth Round FA Cup match between Liverpool and the winner of Bristol City or Shrewsbury will be televised live on CBEEBIES.

This decision was made after Liverpool’s youth team knocked Mersey rivals Everton (who fielded a full-strength side) out of the FA Cup in the previous round.

The Fourth Round match will be shown on CBEEBIES at 5pm on January 26th, where the viewing audience and the playing personnel of Liverpool FC are expected to be of a similar age.


The BBC’s Head of Production, Lisa Opie, explained the decision to show Liverpool’s match on CBEEBIES:

A bunch of kids knocking out a Premier League team has really caught the imagination of children across the UK. Even though it was only Everton.

She added:

We’re expecting kids up and down the country to put down their colouring pencils and poster paints, and instead watch their classmates play a game of football.

The BBC has also confirmed that Andy Peters will be providing match commentary, with Mr Tumble offering half-time analysis. When asked if Mr Tumble knows anything about football, Opie commented:

He knows a lot about falling over, so it’s much the same thing.

Viewers can watch Liverpool at 5pm, on CBEEBIES, on January 26th.


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