This year’s Christmas Ad from retailer John Lewis has been slammed after taking a very dark turn in the final scene.

The advert features an excitable dragon, named Edgar, who loves Christmas so much he gets too excited and breathes fire. His excitable nature causes comical accidents such as melting a snowman, ruining an ice-skating rink and destroying a Christmas tree.

All was going well until the final scene when his best friend, 10-year-old Ava, absolutely loses her shit and instructs Edgar to torch the whole city, killing millions.


Ava, seemingly a happy, friendly child and the heroine of the advert, was hiding a dark, unstable character flaw. When she became angered by the locals for some reason we didn’t really pay attention to, she acts completely out of character and makes Edgar burn down the whole f*cking city, killing every man, woman and child, and she seemingly enjoyed it as he did so.

Critics have claimed the character of Ava made no sense. She was built up to be the saviour, yet her characterisation was completely ignored in the final scene for sheer shock value.

A spokesman for John Lewis insisted they did the best they could with the source material, as the writer of the advert hadn’t finished the final scene so they had to make it up as they went along.


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