Archaeologists have uncovered a poster promoting a tour by UK pop star, Cliff Richard, displayed on a wall in the ruins of Pompeii.

Pompeii was a vibrant city in ancient Italy, located in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius. When the volcano erupted in AD79, the city was covered in a layer of ash preserving it for all time. Everyone within the city was killed, with many of the bodies still preserved to this day.

While this was a tragic event, it has given historians a snapshot in time due to the way the city has remained untouched.


The city is constantly undergoing fresh excavations as new treasures are uncovered. The latest of these was a poster promoting a tour by Cliff Richard, who was believed to be performing there for the third time in AD76 – just three years before the eruption destroyed the city.

The poster was uncovered on the wall of a building just 200 yards from the theatre in the northern section, believed to be where Cliff performed to a full house.

It is thought the residents of Pompeii were huge fans of Cliff’s hit ‘Summer Holiday’, with many wishing they’d taken one themselves in AD79.

Doctor Ivan Toshitmasef, a professor of archaeology at the University of Naples, commented:

This is an historic find. We never thought Cliff visited Pompeii in his early career. Now we have the proof.

The Bugle contacted Cliff Richard for a comment, be he was unavailable.


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