As whimsical feckless moron, Boris Johnson, moves closer to taking control of the United Kingdom, a pair of Furbies has shown what a future high-powered meeting would look like between him and President Trump.

Boris, a flouncy-haired jabbering buffoon, is now inches away from becoming the leader of the UK and being in charge of everything, from policy to defence. His flouncy-haired jabbering buffoon US counterpart, Donald Trump, has enjoyed this sort of power for a couple of years already. Surprisingly, he hasn’t quite managed to start World War III yet.

Once Boris takes over as our PM, the surreal event that is a ‘meeting of the two most powerful men in the world‘ will soon become a frightening reality. But what would that sort of meeting look like?


Luckily, smart boffins at Cheshire College have predicted what this meeting would like using a pair of 90s toys, Furbies.

A Furby is a small, fluffy bog-eyed toy with flouncy hair that would babble incoherently. It would also listen to what you were saying and ‘react‘ to your voice with further incoherent babbling. By placing two Furbies next to each other, you could create absolute nonsense as the two toys babbled on for hours, until their batteries ran out.

Does this all sound scarily familiar?

Professor John Crotch, from Neston, commented:

These two brainless noise machines will just keep uttering baffling noises until someone switches them off. The Furbies work in much the same way.

One of the Furbies, the blonde one, was quoted as saying:

oo-loo, ooh-bah, doo-la mugwump

To which the orange Furby replied:

oo-be loo-be woo-la covfefe

Following the experiment, Furbies are now expected to stand for election in both the next UK General Election and for President of the United States in 2020.


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