Everton fan, Tom, spoke yesterday of how he severely regretting nipping out for some milk on Sunday.

After waking in the afternoon Tom (who asked us not to mention his surname) decided he wanted some Frosties to soak up the disappointment of yet another poor season. Having completely forgotten there was a football match on the Saturday, Tom thought Liverpool would be fairly quiet and ‘nipped out for five minutes‘ for a pint of milk.

Tom was surprised to find over 700,000 Liverpool fans, the entire Liverpool squad and a parade of Liverpool adorned buses blocking his path to the corner shop. Tom described the scenes as the ‘worst experience of my life‘.


Shaking back and forth, Tom uttered:

It was horrible. There was so many of them. What were they even doing there? The football season ended weeks ago.

Tom has since retired to his attic and is refusing to come out until all of those ‘bloody annoying red bastards‘ go away.

More news as we receive it.


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