Former Gladiator, Jet (real name Diane Youdale), has once again been confirmed by men as the greatest thing ever on TV.

The TV series Gladiators debuted in the UK in 1992, and featured contestants battling a sort of Ninja Warrior course while being chased, punched, hit and jumped on by the show’s muscle-bound title stars.

While male Gladiators such as Shadow, Warrior and Wolf may have been the intended stars of the show, men throughout the UK tuned in each week for one reason and one reason alone… Jet.


In the first series of Gladiators, the twenty-two-year-old former gymnast appeared each week dressed in a pink bikini-style outfit while doing backflips, front flips, high kicks and wrapping her legs around contestants while trying to prize them off ‘The Wall’ by thrusting back and forth. This, say men, is the greatest ever moment in TV history and one that every single man watching would have happily given his left testicle to be a part of.

After Jet left Gladiators, in 1996, men switched off from the show as there was nothing left to tune in for… and indeed no reason to ever watch TV again. Men only watch TV now in the slim hope of maybe catching sight of an early rerun of Gladiators.

Men also added that Jet’s entrance theme song (Snap’s The Power) has resulted in strange tingling sensations in their nether regions whenever they watch Phil Taylor’s walk on in the darts.



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