The epic conclusion to Marvel’s 22 movie saga, Avengers: Endgame, has posted a UK box office of £43.4 million after a family of five from Ellesmere Port each had popcorn.

The Dodds family, from Ellesmere Port, attending the Vue Cinema in Cheshire Oaks this weekend to watch the 3hr-long climax to the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and decided they would each have some popcorn. This huge financial decision took the box-office gross for Endgame soaring past the £43 million mark.

James Dodds, a bus driver who works the Ellesmere Port to Liverpool route, was stunned after purchasing the popcorn. He commented:


It was like Thanos has snapped his fingers on my bank account. It all just vanished before my eyes.

James then spent the next three hours trembling in the cinema as he thought about how he would now need to use food banks, and his children would never be able to go to the cinema again.

By the end of the film James was a quivering wreck, not because of events on the screen but because his financial life was in ruins.

Vue Cinemas, however, were delighted with the increased audiences during the weekend as they turned a 99.9% profit on their popcorn sales, slightly lower than the national average for cinemas in the UK.


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